dreams of power

from by nth digri

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for those followed around malls and such
the video was shot under the bridge by dubref


Cold sweat in the zero hour, dreams of power, erased upon waking, no relaxation, muscles twitching and shaking
Face the day like any other, dreams of power, money-making and reality overtaking, and
Walking to the corner got you looking over your shoulder in the night time
That's the wrong time
The wrong face in the wrong place, for floorwalkers, in the guise of camera's hidden eyes, and nightstalkers
And security crews, dreams of power haunt them too, radioed the news, who they spied out in full view
A no-good, down-low, low-down attempts at ascending, to fit the format's demands, no dissenting
Locks-out, trimmed nice and neat and natty, paranoia ties a knot in the throat, the rope
Dreams of power, application rejected, can't be that dejected, stamped and inspected, And destined for the underworld of judges, wardens, lawyers
That's soul-assassination for confused warriors, and soldiers are
Put through their paces, the street corner's home to a world of dislocated faces, some guy steps up and speaks of races
But can't deal with technology, redundancy, and dreams of power
Black steel in the hour
And the griots talk of riots and tell the unofficial tales of exonerated cops and how they got off, but it soon come, like Genghis from the steppes of Asia
Hitting harder than the combined blows of Ali and Frasier
From the glacier, dreams of power, and glass shatter, verdicts that don't matter, contracts ain't worth the paper they're written on
As dictators of local notoriety play at celebrity, dreams of power, anxiety
Now, who's trying me? Duress and second-guessing, who's denying me, and why
And what underlies a cold reply
And how to neutralize, change from the inside, clenches up a free and easy stride
Like a fist raised halfway, or a latter-day radical verse reworked and shaken in a soft drink ad to spray doubt and dismay, and
Dreams of power, star-gazed and gold-crazed dreams of jeeps and mercedes
From old to new school days, get-rich-quick games
From numbers games to fake brand names, cocaine to Amway, and
Dreams of power, night terrors, fear-breeders, hope-cheaters, day dreamers, mind-drifters, time-shifters, the innocence-takers, the non-wakers
Dreams of power
Dreams of power


from south is north, released August 7, 2013




nth digri Ottawa, Ontario

nth digri is inspired by his Caribbean-Canadian heritage, hip hop culture, and the African griot tradition. His LP Tales of the North Coast was nominated for a Canadian Urban Music Award. His poem Sugar Cane was selected for the Best of the National Poetry Slam Anthology. He was the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word 2010 Male Poet of Honour. He has performed in Canada, the Caribbean, and the US. ... more

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