inna zone

from by nth digri

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as she kept me smiling through this rhyme nor reason of abandon to emotions, big love to my looking up.
and remember: hov smart, but harry smarter


Did you ever feel like you were in a zone
zoned out, stressed out, feeling all alone
Ever feel that you was about to lose control
Can’t face the fever that you burning in your soul
(soul) solo as in sole, another face in the crowd
left out, kinda on your own
As if you had to solve (solve) every problem ever posed
Now suppose, that every mystery could unfold
Or suppose, with no fortune ever foretold
You could just freefall into the void and lose control
Could you ever in your span of a time (time)
Just leave it all behind, the regret in your mind, self-imposed

When you moving through these zones, and uh
Trying to keep your self composed, and uh
Trying keep up with the jones , it’s uh
Crazy when you’re on your own

It’s a solo mission that you gotta make it on your own
But every time you think you’re in a zone
You get dragged down, like you bout to drown
You start to rise, catch your breath, then you sink once again and
Down you go, seems for miles
And its been so long that you forgot how to smile
And when you look up, it’s like it’s right in front your face
And reaching for that carrot’s got you back into the race

You ever let yourself lose control
Ever think that you were maybe in a zone
Ever think that you could make it on your own
Huh…. Yeh
As the crowd-out-the-sounds roll
Did you ever try to make it on your own
Did you wonder on expression of a soul
Huh, think that you were in a zone

But maybe its’ not always bout finding a solution
Posing, and answer to a problem
Producing, a plan to respond to a calling (calling)
Move the crowd, and alla dem
Make you feel like your sum total: occupation
But inside: conflagration
It’s like you were imploding
Did you ever feel like surrendering and free-falling
But instead, say you balling
Let me tell you something:

Did you ever think that you were in a zone
Maybe lose everything that you own
Give up your own soul, expression of a soul
Ever think that you was in a zone
When they axe if you got the plans
To make the whole damn thing fit together understand
Everything that you had to mission on this earth
Ever wonder why, the reason for your birth
Of your own self… was it the wealth
Was it pursuit of happiness, or of health
Was it the way that you direct on the move
Was it the way that you slowed with the groove
Was it the way that you smile inside
Was it the way that you smoothed out glide

Now, did you ever situate yourself, wonder pon a roll
Lose the feeling that you could take control
Did you ever if you wonder in a zone
In control… in full control
Make it on your own, and
wasteland is the way you got to roam, and
Every problem faced is full blown
But say that you is full grown
Did you ever wonder why you inna zone
Ever wonder if you could lose control
Maybe lose face, maybe slow pace
maybe even never find a way
To give birth to yourself on this earth
Is what come first, before your in a hearse
You could never of imagine being under tombstone
No self left inna crumbling bones
As if you, could ever ask for evidence
… as if the question as heaven sent
Think the soul float around the ether in the sky
Did you ever think there might not be a reason why
Did there ever have to be (have to be) rationale
Did you see your enemy (enemy) on the prowl
Did they let past the gate or make you, wait around
Did it take you off the beat (off the beat), beaten down

But did you ever situate that there wonder was a way
Emerge in a surge that you ever breakaway
Words that you curved into all the last days
That never had any actions ever to reclaim
But maybe it don’t have to be about signification
Lost in abandon, not a mission
… intention drift in imprecision
Heart pound (pound) ground down to the rhythm

Did you ever think that you could lose control
Did you ever wonder if you in a zone
Did you ever think that you could lose it all
Did you ever wonder if you could jus fall


from south is north, released August 7, 2013




nth digri Ottawa, Ontario

nth digri is inspired by his Caribbean-Canadian heritage, hip hop culture, and the African griot tradition. His LP Tales of the North Coast was nominated for a Canadian Urban Music Award. His poem Sugar Cane was selected for the Best of the National Poetry Slam Anthology. He was the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word 2010 Male Poet of Honour. He has performed in Canada, the Caribbean, and the US. ... more

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